ryan mega on lil wayne- sorry for the wait

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wayne is beefing with the boss. just like b.g. and juve and turk and them unlv boys (i think). and about everybody else on the gulf coast before. i guess it was bound to happen. in this battle to free himself from the label he steps with his first project since proclaiming his independence from the bird man. and rightfully wayne is sorry for the wait.

he should be. this record is average at best, from mike will's most played beats. drakes most average flows. and the weezy that was least missed of all, the low energy, low word count, average version. if this is gaining any new fans, chances are they never heard of weezy but are caching wind because of the public drama with his label head.

i wish i could give you a few quotables but its wayne's most average, so the hot lines hit you, make you scratch your chin and then drift away, like the ramblings of the funny crack head at the corner store, dope enough to keep your eyes on him, but not dope enough to bill a comedy slot. wayne's producers and engineers are still his biggest asset, but they toe the line, taking his voice and pairing it with hyper aggressive instrumentals and charging up his scratchy tenor with repetitive, dripping autotuning to fault the majority of the tape. and by majority i mean all.

wayne is still a blood. he is still from hollygrove. but he is no longer down with cash money. on hollyweezy, he seems to push all of these things together at its best to produce the standout track from the mix. this could have been a throwaway track on a full fledged album for sure. if you listen to this mix, start here, so you aren't discouraged to finish the rest of this bullshit mix.

if you see me in the streets and you talking that wayne shit in 2015, you gotta really listen to this with open ears to ask yourself why you accept mediocrity from life. or will you be discussing his beef with baby? chances are that will make more of an impression on you then this mix. maybe that's the marketing scheme. internal conflict. baby must've heard this and was like fuck it gone head and jump off a cliff and lets get deathrow money. you guessed it? wayne finally saw the light and hit baby with a 50+ mil lawsuit. i bet this shit goes away and wayne gets a young money jr. out of this so baby can get more money out of his ass. birdman hand rub shit. wayne's gonna sell 200K if this is all he's coming with for the carter. maybe we should wait until 2016 for that.

ryan mega

ryan mega on nipsey hussle - mailbox money

definite download for the loyalists and a good intro for first time nippers. using his unique marketing strategy, nipsey hussle returns for the annual mixtape collection and it doesn't disappoint. guest features from Rick Ross, Trae the Truth, and Dom Kennedy, a less versatile and talented emcee would be outshined and roof out at the marketing scheme, but Nip handles it bars down. He is still one of the top 10 west coast emcees out and that alone is worth the listen, Drama cosign and all.The first four songs (Killa, A Hunnit A Show, Status Symbol, That's How I Knew) are just examples to the kids style and what he represents - pure west coast hustle.
--- ryan mega

ryan mega on french montana - mac & cheese 4

If you expected artistry, you came for the wrong damn thing mayne, this is French. He is the Too Short of the East Coast, with the same shit over and over and over and over. His die hard fans can't get enough and haters hate, but gotta admit that Harry Fraud is always worth a day or two in the player. The best track- Dontchu. The worst track- Don'tchu. That says it all. French gives you 6 tracks + a Max B intro and nada more because he knows he's best in moderation. Pick your poison (wiz flow). Click to enjoy. Bought to you by


weekend mixer: isolated mountain volume 6 presented by Ryan Mega

featuring new and recent songs from Yohuna, Fenech-Soler, The Do, Andrew Belle, and more. Click to Listen and Download this mellow pop/rock/alt mix.



yohuna-paratrue, wildcat! wildcat!- garden grays, foreign national- life tourist, the do- going through walls, emiliana torrini- animal games, the blow- from the future, susy blue- wish in my dish, candy for julie- breadcrumbs on my feet, fenech-soler- last forever, lucius- hey doreen, the derevolutions- yell it out, rubblebucket- carousel ride, step rockets- kisser, panama wedding- all the people, piano club- me and myself, kate nash- my chinchilla, okkervil river-deep down the river, shearwater-i love the valley oh, cage the elephant- come a little closer, salvation bill-fml, gungor- i am mountain, winterbourne- cold, andrew belle- pieces, young summer-waves that rolled you under, asgeir-lupin intrigue, fink- looking too closely. luiz bonfa-carnaval, 

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