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Trump Hotel...Coming in 2016

Donald Trump and team are opening a hotel in 2016 in Washington, DC. It's not his first. He has successes and failures from LA to Chicago to New York. The city is no surprise. Washington, DC, being a hub for international trade and politics. But the location, a rehabbed colonial library within blocks of the white house, is sort of weird coincidence. Imagine - Donald Trump's gaudy branding on the hotel hosting summits and banquets for foreign guests of the newly sworn president. If he can rehab an old library in a year, he can definitely build a wall to Mexico. If this place looks as beautiful in person as it does on paper, I'm voting Trump. Among other reasons, this guy has clearly got the right vision for building. That translates. If America, is a house, he is the person to lead it. Clearly. But it seems his republican puppet masters are upset with the riling of the base to gain popularity (what you mad son?). The debates are here, and he is in the top 10, so we will see if he can stand his own in a room full of assholes vying to be the biggest shit.

Let's not forget about Hillary. She's fighting everything every which way right about now, from Benghazi to EmailGate or ServerGate to Bill Clinton shit from 93. If anybody dies in office, it will be Hillary. The bitch has got to be tired by now. And to make matters worse, she is spending her weekends at Bernie's instead of hanging out and wooing the republicans on the fence/voting with ovaries. This is going to be a hell of a democratic primary. There was a rumor going that Trump was a Democratic plant, due to the close history with the Clinton's. If anybody is a plant, it's Bernie Sanders. He's the white guy from Vermont? with no idea that #blackLivesmatter so he definitely watches Fox News. His policies are so socialist, no flag bearing true American from the real 'Murika could vote for him.  But some liberals will and that will divide the socialists and the corporate democrats down the middle. Maybe Clinton could even lose. There's a plant alright = Bernie.

So how does it all end? Donald Trump inauguration the same night he cuts the ribbon to his latest Trump Plaza. Bernie or Hillary? Who cares! Nobody is stopping the Trump man. Book your rooms now!!!!

Trump International Hotel, Washington D.C. will also feature the following services and amenities:
  • 24-hour concierge
  • 24-hour in-room dining
  • Casual and formal restaurants
  • CafĂ©
  • Bar & Lounge
  • Curated museum
  • Exhibition gallery
  • Library
  • Indoor and outdoor gardens
  • World-class spa
  • Private health club
  • 39,000 square feet of meetings and events space
  • Wireless high-speed Internet
  • TRUMP CARD Privileges Program

What About the Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs are sitting 12 behind the Cardinals, as usual. They have ramped up the lineup and added some flame throwers to help take them deep, but right now it's looking like wild card or worst. This is the 100th year since their last world series appearance I think. Already, headlines are saying better luck next year. They are likely  auctioning Starlin Castro soon for another pitcher and minor leaguer. I give it 5 days before they give in on this year. But maybe it will truly be a case of better luck next year. Guess my annual labor day game will be cheaper. Hope is gone for this year. The Cubs can't get right.

Their's another set of cubs making news. Cecil the Lion, the poached victim of Americanism on safari, left behind 12 cubs, and the Zimbabwean nation is pissed. I didn't know he was the main attraction in a wildlife preserve, but definitely understand how that means protected status. He was bankrolling the people. And since recent studies show visiting hunters/poachers only make up 1% or less of the African tourist economy, the value is certainly in keeping them alive. Not only is Cecil gone,  but his cubs are now prey to other males in the area.  This trite hunting habit/cultural trait/right of passage for white male culture is detrimental to weakened animal populations. If scaled to humans, Cecil's death is equivalent to 400,000 humans.  Yeah there are more lions in Detroit than in Africa basically.  I swear they've been hunting lions and tigers since Marco Polo went through India. Is tiger meat tendor? Oh they don't even eat it you say. Ironically some will justify this by saying god gives man dominion over other things. And that's what makes it all insane.  If i go vegan it's because of all this. We waste groceries,  studies say 25% or more of all we buy. We house animals in deplorable conditions then eat them in grounded patties. Last week's Mexican cow parts with some Canadian processed and preserved bacon slaughtered circa 2012.  We pay for safaris, lure lions, and kill them to make our Facebook page doper. God should take his dominion and gone head and give it to the next ape order. We clearly can't get right.

On the homefront, black people are still screaming black life matters, asking why Cecil the Lion gets more support than the murdered black men and women making news this past year. It's sickening that KKK policeman can assault and murder innocent black people and the world looks for any excuse to say these victims were not hunted when the evidence always shows elsewise. These black women are leaving kids behind. Someone said Sam Dubose had 13 kids.  Regardless of how you want to see this,  or judge him, that's still 13 cubs.  I mean kids. Some might not be as cute as a lion cub, but should all have a shot at being a national treasure. Clearly we can't get right. 

Ryan Mega (is perturbed)

is Twitter a Deal at $32 bucks a share?

The news is out. Social media giant Twitter isn't banking like they used to. With new products, promoted tweets, and celebrity backing, the site still has lost its mojo. In the recent corp meeting, the leader and CFO advised that the stock is selling at 11% of its value - now trading at $32.41, a new 52-week low. Business Insider has an info graphic explaining the cause of the stock price fall, and its pretty agreeable But this company isn't Myspace and I don't think their day is done just yet. If there is one thing the #hashtag has taught me, its that you don't mess with the power of twitter followers. They are 1 upgrade from a comeback. 

But what do I know. A few years ago, I would have banked on the newest MVNO to take over Solavei. They were Boost Mobile but so much more. On paper at least. With former T-Mobile CEO Sue Nokes in the fold, they seemed to have the right team to get their product moving. If you asked me then, Solavei would be running this mobile shit by now. Instead, they are bankrupt and probably never going public and very likely to be defunct by the end of the year. Now I wonder if Twitters early IPO evaluation is doing  harm. After all, its rare for technology companies to come up with drastically different products that become successful with the same magnanimity sans Apple. And let's be real, that's just American consumerism. If I remember, Twitter failed to purchase Instagram, losing to Facebook, and are likely going to be sold by this time next year. I bet Facebook bids 300 million early on. 

So when do we buy in? The number of registered users alone should keep this company valued above $15 a share. The tech boom standby,  AOL, is floating at 49.99  an ounce, strictly off deceased members who have yet to cancel their DSL lines. On the other hand, Myspace is dead as a doorknob.  Once valued at 500 million, Myspace was sold in 2012 by News Corp for $35 million. I bet a few dope dealers could have caught that.

So what price are you going to by Twitter? Is it worth considering now at $30? If I put 300 in, I be it would get back 1000 in 3 years max. This stock will find a way to soar.

Then again....most of my twitter followers were bots or friends of people I followed or vice versa. So maybe this shit is not worth a sawbuck.

Ryan Mega (invests in a 401 K and buys 1 stock a year. The rest of my money is buried in the backyard. D'oh!)

police reform

1. live within the district they patrol
2. all overtime pay must come from time spent in community centers in the area they patrol.

-- the end --

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