A.Dd+ – When Pigs Fly:

A.Dd+ – When Pigs Fly 

When Pigs Fly Snippets- Click to Preview the Album – Coming May 18th

There’s a new tape coming at the end of the month that is sure to get a ten thousand downloads locally.  There is going to be a dope ass concert and maybe even an album release party to smash with it.  There will be a couple of write ups on the local artsy paper and their will be a slew of tweets and retweets about the way the album sounds in an Ipod vs. the way the album sounds in the car with beats.  There will inevitably be a new slang word or two adopted from the myriad of rhymes and wordplay that will be encompassed on the disc.  No I haven’t got an advanced copy (though that would be nice – onerevolutionent@gmail.com).  No I am not psychic either.  I just know a good thing brewing when I see it.  All the clues are there.

First there is a certain mystery still about the two. There are difference that separate the duo and that will draw the attention of everybody locally looking to see what they are gonna sound like.  One of those differences is Picnictyme.  If they didn’t have a monster team, they probably would still get some buzz.  Their last offering Power of the Tongue proved that they could come with a bar or two for that ass. The thing is, they do have a monster team.  This album will be produced entirely by Picnictyme, a local favorite with deep roots in the Dallas hipster crowd.  That’s a big head nod for two relatively unknown emcees this time a year ago.  Their go to gal Rosalinda has been blowing up the group in 140 characters or less since late last year when they first released snippets from the disc When Pigs Fly, coming May 18th. Even the Dallas Observer leaked a copy of their latest single “Howdy Do” in late March. So its looking pretty good for the duo on this project. 

There is a spot at the table waiting for A.Dd+.  All they have to do is deliver.  When Pigs Fly has got to bring home the bacon, lame pun intended bitches.  I’m not mad at the promotion on this joint.  They have taken their time and wound up with as much energy and anticipation around this project, if not more than there has been for any other local artists lately.  So right now as I write this and at the time you read this, the duo will be probably be putting the finishing touches and remixes on the release.  They  will probably be working the twitter trying, trying, trying to get you please, please, please listen to their music.  Dotting the Ts. Crossing the Is. 

So I’m setting a precedent.  I’m putting all my money on A.Dd+ for the album of the month.  If they have been this on point with the promo so far, the release will probably come off perfect.  That means I should be satisfied with their May 15th offering at the Lounge on Elm Street.  If picnictyme can take the year off pretty much and only work on this one project pretty much, then I trust he will deliver some classics on here and hold his throne.  Howdy Do has cooled off, so I expect another leak sometime in the next couple of days to keep the buzz going and the fans interested.  But above all, I expect to hear some good music when the duo known as A.Dd+ comes with their sophomore effort, When Pigs Fly.  Let the countdown begin.  Unless they go wide left with the shit they kick, its already game time.  The trophy already has their name on it.

—- Ryan Mega

Review Coming May 18th.

Review Power of the Tongue Now.


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