Album of the Month: Get Busy Committee – Opening Ceremony:

 Get Busy Committee -  Opening Ceremony

Cocaine Rap. Check. Political Statements. Check. Stanzas about Bimbos in Los Angeles. Check. It must say something about the California sun, when usually this formula leads to classic creations. From the vein of Cypress, with a spike of 3rd Bass, this trio from L.A. put it down on their 16 track mixtape, Opening Ceremony. Scoop DeVille, Ryu, and Apathy run through the gambit of nightlife in L.A. over breaks and boom bap beats more reminscent of their NY brethren. They blend well on the whole tape, but when they put on a Remix with Paul Wall and Xzibit and hold their own and some, it become clear that these guys are built for this sort of group. They feed off of each other like lyrical leeches. My favorite joint, Laura Ling, is dope and its about a chick I want to fuck too, but ya know, fun and political. 

The best thing about this group and this mixtape is that each song leaves you wanting more. For the collection to be 16 tracks long, it falls well below 1 hour in running time and a handful of the songs are remixes. Rest assured, I will be following these guys on twitter so I don’t miss the next release.

To Download: click Here

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