Alex Goose- Is the Proofs:

Alex Goose- Is the Proofs

Alex Goose solidified his spot in the game this year with a failure. He sent some tracks to Jay Z via his people in hopes of getting onto the Blueprint 3. Rumor was that Jay had heard one of Alex Goose’s beats for his labelmates or friends and client Brittany Bosco (did I mention he does fashion as well- The nod from Jay didn’t pan out into a 9th Wonder like catapult into the mainstream, but his moment was not in vain.

Goose took the beats that were crafted for the BP3 experience and gave them away for free download earlier in the year. One listen, and you wonder if maybe Jay Z’s ear’s are not quite what they used to be. Alex delivers some stand out cuts and beats to get your freestyle or serious write on to. Its amazing that none of these beats made it to the BP3 album. The first time I heard them I wanted to take the CD to the studio and do justice to them. “Dear Daisy” rides horns to a melodic groove that breathes consciousness into the deadest of hip hop fans. The feeling here is definitely one to hold on to, and when the horns come in at the hook, its hard not to envision Common or even Ludacris going in with something soulful here. “Golden Void” gives a big boss bop thanks to a rock guitar that blares from the track until every 12th beat when a psychodelic, EPMD like crossover melody takes over the track before releasing it back to the loud ass guitar. This track screams out straight Beastie Boys, or better yet, DMG$. Download the BP3 outtakes to get a taste of what it would have sounded like to hear Jay rip over Goose, or do like I did and download it for your own use.

—Ryan Mega

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