A.N.T.- A Rapper’s Rapper:

A.N.T. – A Rapper’s Rapper

Repping the Northern section of the Golden Triangle that is Dallas Ft. Worth and Denton, A.N.T is a lyrical adept emcee that proves real hip hop exists strongly north of HWY 380.  He is so “gifted and optimistic, that he can turn terrible into terrific”. With wit of this level, A.N.T. keeps you listening for the next bar throughout his last mixtape, entitled the Sitcom.  He is currently making moves with the label Glo Entertainment and DJ Frosty.  His flow rides familiar and unfamiliar beats throughout the disc released a some months back.  His intelligence in word choice and song choice are weapons throughout the cleverly crafted disc that pays homage to classic episodes of Married with Children or The Fresh Prince.. to name a few.  He does your favorite show justice and more.  He pays homage to Barack Obama’s presidency with his song “Baracking Doors Down” which talks about the 400 year struggle culminating in Barack Obama’s election in 2008.  Don’t let the name fool you. A.N.T. has big skills.  Check out the myspace page yourself to hear more.  Start with  “That’s Life” and have some fun with “NBA Flow” before you settle down for “Baracking Doors Down”.  Stay tuned for a link to the entire album “The Sitcom” by A.N.T. Follow A.N.T  @lilantglo


—– Ryan Mega

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