Bavu Blakes- Into the Matrix:

Bavu Blakes – Into the Matrix

Bavu Blakes is Neo in the matrix and if there is one artist that the nation needs to respect coming out of Austin, then he is he.  Always creative and lush with the sounds, Bavu brings original flows to the songs he gets on.  Bavu shows intelligence in his rhymes and song themes without giving up an ounce of B-Boy flair.  Nothing is missing from the Bavu package.  He proved at this past year’s SXSW in Austin that he was able to deliver the package live on stage as well.  There is the obvious ability to pen complete songs such as “Southern Man” and “On The Cool”, which he kills with a flow that hits off every congo, seeming to be off rhythm, yet so on rhythm its not even funny.  One listen to “On the Cool” and you definitely want to hear Bavu rip it over and over.  He never lets down when it comes to the flow.   The flow is golden.  On my favorite “Play the Role” he hits lyrics of the mind, spitting verse after verse in his clear tone over a track that sounds like the best of 9th Wonder.  On the song “Extra Plair”, he goes in for the city on a soulful guitar strutting to the snare drums creating a funky vibe, the type of beat that serves Bavu’s raspy tenor the best.   Bavu Blakes is a beast.  If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with his music yet, catch his myspace for the best of Bavu Blakes.  Stay tuned to One Revolution.


—- Ryan Mega

Play The Role [Liquid Soul Remix] (Clean) – Bavu Blakes

Nobody Leavin (Producer: Damar D.Powers Howard) – Bavu Blakes

50k – Bavu Blakes

20080120 Special Delivery Flow – Bavu Blakes

01 Extra Plair.wma – Bavu Blakes

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