Chucky Sly- …They Killed Jimmy:

Chucky Sly- Oh My God, They Killed Jimmy

The guy known as Chucky Sly doesn’t rap for the sake of riddling.  True public enemy disciple, Chucky delivers thought provoking lyrics and a provacative approach without being too opinionated or preachy.  He speaks to the conscious of street dudes as Jay Z did when he first arrived on the scene.  While Jay Z focused on the perils of success, Chucky Sly brings a narrative about the entire situation, hook, line, and sinker.  Check the song “Jimmy is about to die” an ode to a drug dealer named Jimmy who is too hung up on his success of today to see the future that awaits him tomorrow.  Within 3 verses, Sly effectively conveys the risks and pitfalls of a life in hustling, the bottom being death.  Chucky Sly is a seasoned vet when it comes to writing rhymes.  He has at least 15 years of recording music behind him and is definitely one of the most important figures yet to blow in the Dallas hip hop scene.  Chucky’s not looking to blow as much as he is looking to be felt, though.  He’ll keep dropping the cavi hits, if we keep listening.  Follow Chucky Sly on bandcamp @  Listen to “Jimmy is About to Die” below.

— Ryan Mega

Jimmy is About to Die – Chucky Sly

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