Concert Review: Devin the Dude at the Granada Theater:

Every other quarter or so, Devin the Dude makes a trip to Dallas to perform his most known tunes and hit his fans with any of the newness he has been creating. If you are a Devin fan, you already know what to expect. You go because he delivers exactly what you wanted.

The show at the Granada this past week was no different. When you go to a Devin show, rest assured, he is going to work the stage and the crowd. For a self proclaimed weed head and drunk, he never gets too cloudy and rarely forgets the lyrics. But if you know like you are supposed to know, Devin’s shows are less about his performances, and more about the fellowship with and amongst his crowd.

Marijuana is still illegal (shocker of the day, right?), but if you were to step into the audience at a Devin show, you would never know. Chances are you will be passed a blunt or two from the people around you. They could be white, black, or Hispanic, young or old, man or woman, cool or lame, but at that moment, you’re all just Devin fans, chilling and listening to some tunes. Chilling like you would at home, if home was a concert hall with 2000 people singing lyric for lyric with you.

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