Damaged Good$- Diamonds in the Rough:

Damaged Good$- Diamonds in the Rough

The first time I encountered the DMG$ was at a nice little sweatbox called Hailey’s in Denton. I came in on the last song of their set, but it was pretty obvious they got the place hot. The crowd all but dissipated when they left the stage. I smoked a couple of bogies and chatted it up with Theodore and Dundee after the night was over. You gotta respect these kids. They keep it true to themselves no matter what. That uniqueness coupled with a tenacious grind and contagious live show make this two man group a triple threat in the Dallas music scene. They already signed to international powerhouse Big Dada, so it looks like the duo is one hit away from taking their new wave, psycho sound worldwide.

Check Cool Dundee’s opening verse from “Follow the Leader” where he goes in for one of the hottest verses of the year, or check the Hello World LP for some of the duos more traditional songs. Each member has a myspace Cool Dundee and Theodore, where they get their own psycho shit off even more, so its a wonder that they tone it down when they come together. The back and forth between the two on tracks is the perfect balance. It matches otherwise experimental beats like “Saltshaker” so perfectly you wonder if the group could exist on any other local sounds. But then again, why would you want to put the creativity of the group in a shackle by taking away their coked out new wave soundtracks. Its the method to the mayhem.

I finally saw my first full DMG$ show at this years DOMA Awards on Lower Greenville. I think it was called Service Bar, but I forget. The stage was small, so halfway thru the second song, I notice that the emcees are no longer in front of the crowd, but both have moved within the crowd, working the audience and pushing the girls to dance. Its that raw cry for indecency that appeals to the majority of the DMG$ converts. You have to give it up for musicians who strictly want to entertain us. Support a dope artist today by copping XRaBIT+DMG$ Hello World from Best Buy or Amazon. Take a free sample and listen to that verses from “Follow the Leader” Listen and Buy and tell me that they aren’t better than most of the new artists getting publicity in XXL and on bigger sites.

Get more Damaged Good$ @ http://www.helloworldblog.net/

— Ryan Mega

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