Damaged Good$- Love Street:

Damaged Good$- Love Street

For the last few months it has been my pleasure to witness the creation of this mix tape, from beat listening parties to charity events to remixing and mastering sessions.  I have witnessed the duality of the group and can bear witness to how they blend together like that one Atlanta duo.  The mix tape dropped a few nights ago.  It was released when Damaged Good$ reached 1,000 fans on facebook.  They had 200 the day before they started the facebook campaign.  That was 3 days before the tape dropped.  How did they get there fan count up so quick? They spread the love so the love is given back.

If you didn’t know, Spread Love Not Germs is a charitable project. From the band’s website:

$pread Love Not Germ$ is our first charity based project. We felt that this project was perfect considering the economic climate. Every month we released a single, coupled with a charity event to benefit certain organizations. We wanted this project to spark a movement of selfless actions in a world where everyone is driven by material things and are obsessed with money. We put this event together without spending/making a dime. So now you have absolutely NO EXCUSE to not do your part wherever you are on this planet. If you buy rims…then you can donate to the Haiti fund. If you are making it rain….then you can organize a food drive…..That simple.

This mission statement is also the groups dilemma.  They are no where near the norm in hip hop.  I mean, rappers who rap for no money don’t exist anymore right?  Everybody got to get dough right?  Ain’t that hip hop?  Damaged Good$ embody the core of what pure hip hop is and should be – community activism.  From the parks in the Bronx nearly 30 years ago to the streets of the Gaza strip today, emcees have always been a voice or intonation of the zeitgeist for those that struggle.  That’s why we love the streets so much.  Well the streets don’t love Damaged Good$. At this point, the duo’s foreign buzz is equal or bigger than their local notoriety.  Even a trip to the Dallas Observer Music Awards did little to garnish more than an raised eyebrow from the local heavyweights in the rap game.  The reason is pretty obvious to anybody with ears.  The music they make is so far left field that the average hip hop listener has no way of digesting it.  I’m not alone in this observation.  The duo knows this.  Their last single before the mix tape’s official release was called “We Hate Damaged Good$ Too“.  They have come to revere this shunning, even rollicking in the zone that they have come to create for themselves.  

Chris aka Coool Dundee and Theodore aka Trak Bully are not going to change their style up though.  Nope. Never.  If they did, it would be a shame for the game as well.  Like every genre of music before it, hip hop appears to have usurped its identity in exchange for the almighty dollar.  And in order to survive there must be a segmentation of the culture.  Take jazz for example.  Nearly 75 years after its creation, there is rarely a common denominator to link the music being made now to the music being made then.  Hate the Damaged Good$ all you want, but they are the necessary “new wave” that will push the limits of what is and what will be considered hip hop.  And if there is one denominator that is undeviating in both genres, jazz and hip hop, then that is creativity.  Charlie Parker’s creativity blazed paths for Miles Davis. The Damaged Good$ are worthy to be called trailblazers.  

I’ve joked with the guys a lot about this.  They might ask me what I think, but they aren’t listening to nobody but themselves in the end.  If it was up to me, I’d have Dundee get it in on a groovy grown and sexy for the ladies every few songs and maybe dress up the guys in matching suits at their shows.  And I’d definitely have to change up the philosophy on getting paid to do these shows.  But as entertaining as that may sound, the Good$ refuse to change up or go for the gimmicks.  

“Spread Love Not Germs” is a testament to their on going saga to break down the barrier in your brain.  And they are going to do it their way.  So many people are hating.  And if they not hating, then they are motivating you to do ignorant shit.  Who needs that in the world?  How about some music that makes you want to party or relax and love life?  

Spread love….

Some of you are still stuck on the sound.  It reminds me of Outkast when Andre 3000 dropped “Hey Ya” and it took me months before I realized how brilliantly groundbreaking it was.  This tape is more toned up and tweeked than the previous offerings from the group.  True DMG fans are going to be very satisfied with the progression over the last year as displayed on a song like “The Great Escape“.  With the help of Johnny Moog they stunt it out with their party anthem “Dopest, Flyest“.  “Spread Love Not Germs” was given the thumbs up by the world famous DJ Benzi (google him), who officially cosigned the release of the mix tape.

Spread love…..

And you might notice that One Revolution Entertainment has a hand in presenting the mix tape as well.  We supported Damaged Good$ because of their support for local charities.  On March 6th, the duo perform their last concert for charity in conjunction with the release.  Feel free to join the party.  They’re doing it for a good cause.  That’s why I got their back.  That’s why their die hard fans got their back.

Spread love…..

But you don’t need Benzi to tell you that the music is hot.  And you don’t need me or 1,000 people on facebook to tell you that the message is necessary.  The album is available for free.  Download it and play it loud.  If you like it cool.  If not, you’ve done enough just by listening.  “Spread Love Not Germs” is a movement.  You now have the right to choose.  Choose good over evil. Go to class. Pay your tithes. Give blood. Give to Haiti. Help an old lady cross the street. Spread love.


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“$pread Love, Not Germ$”

—– Ryan Mega

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