DJ Nappi and King Mike – Rambis At This:

DJ Nappi and King Mike – Rambis At This

Paying homage to the goofiest dorkiest of the famed Los Angelos Lakers Showtime franchise is something you can only do if you coming nice as James Worthy and Magic with it.  This tape does that.  Bundled and Wrapped in a dopehouse in San Antonio, this collection of joints pack the hustle of Kurt Rambis, floor burns and all.  Young Gab, Young Texxus, and Spark Dawg hold it down like its time to pop championship champagne on the track “I’m Gucci”.  Laid back beat. Perfect for rolling up or rolling down the block, or both if you can do it at the same time.   San Antonio is repped very well on the mixtape, but all of Texas come thru for this one. Peep B. Hardy on “WTF RU” produced by the Innovators.  Really hard not to turn this cd up from start to finish and put it on repeat.  This is one of the few mixtapes that you have to make two copies of.  One for the house and one for the car.  And you gotta play it in the car, because the production, from Greg C, the Audio Forensiks, and others, is killing most of the beats we been hearing on the radio for the last year or so.  Though a mix of many different producers contributed to the tape, the overall mix and track sequence gives it more of an album feel.  I could talk about it but you just need to hear it. RAMBIS!!!!!!!MIXTAPE BY DJ NAPPI AND KING MIKE

Oh and for the record.
Kurt Rambis

NBA Years (1980-1995)

Rambis was drafted by the New York Knicks as the 58th pick in the 1980 NBA Draft, but he was subsequently waived by the Knicks before playing in Greece, where he also holds citizenship. There he joined the Greek League club AEK Athens, under the name Kyriakos Rambidis, and he won the Greek Cup in 1981.
He was re-signed by the Knicks in 1981 but never played a game for them. His success as an NBA player started when he was signed as a free agent by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1981. Rambis spent most of his 14 seasons in the NBA with the Lakers, winning championships in 1982, 1985, 1987, and 1988. Rambis also played for the Charlotte Hornets, Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings before returning to the Lakers in 1993.
During his playing days, Rambis was a favorite among the Lakers fans because of his status as an over-achieving underdog and ultimate team-player. Known for his defensive and rebounding skills, Rambis also was an efficient clean-up man on offense, with his field goal percentage reaching 59.5% at the peak of his career. He was remembered in both Santa Clara and Los Angeles for his all-out effort and willingness to do the “dirty work” that many players do not embrace. Rambis usually wore a thick moustache and thick-rimmed black glasses, prompting Lakers announcer Chick Hearn to nickname him “Superman” (in reference to the character’s alter ego, Clark Kent). He finally retired with the Lakers in 1995 after 14 years in the NBA.

—– Ryan Mega

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