Dustin Cavazos- To the Break of Dawn:

Dustin Cavazos- To the Break of Dawn

Dustin Cavazos, real name, no gimmicks.  The artist known as Dustin Cavazos is not afraid of melody. In fact he feeds on it.  His flow is a melodic whisper on the track.  He sweeps across the beat at a pendelums pace on songs like, “Mama”, with Josh Obama and “Skip This Day” where he opens up about his family and the city as the world sleeps.  He is still developing his lyricism, so it will be great to see where D.C takes it over the next few years.  He already has one hell of a team behind him, so it won’t be long until you start seeing this humble kid everywhere.  Shouts to his Shelly Blvd. collective.  Interview on the way.  Enjoy!

fresh – Dustin Cavazos

Mama – Dustin Cavazos feat. Josh Obama

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