Elke The Stallion – Elke Does Dallas:

Elke The Stallion – Elke Does Dallas

We are cool with Elke (pronounced L-Key).  I wasn’t quite sure how we were going to do the events during this week.  I waited way too long to come up with a plan.  Well who needs a plan when you plan on having Elke the Stallion host.  Fellas, we’ve all seen video girls before, but there are few that can hold a torch to Elke’s booty, I mean beauty.  On top of that, she speaks three languages and helps the kids, so you might feel like she is the one.  There’s only one way to find out.  Come and join us during All Star Week as we bring some of the best music and beauties in the game to Dallas.  Until then, enjoy these images and get to know Elke the Stallion a little more.

— Ryan Mega

Elke reaches Masses around the world, fans from Latin cultures, African American culture, as well as
Middle Eastern cultures and Caucasians across the Globe. Elke’s official website www.ElkeTheStallion.
com is one of the most visited Urban Model sites on the net. With weekly updates Elke keeps her fans and
members coming back for more.

www .ElkeTheStallion.com

Stay tuned.

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