FreeLoaders – A look at Sore Losers:

First off who would have ever thought that inadvertently Dorrough of “Walk That Walk” and “Ice Cream Paint Job” fame would have put together such a duo. A chance meeting in a brief apartment visit would then make music like this. Freeloaders is eclectic trip through the lives of Blue and Brown and the duos slacker habits. From the beginning to the end I really didn’t know what to expect on the next track. Blue’s ear for the perfect sample and Brown’s diverse flow and wordplay keeps you on your toes. On the “The Deadly Intro” Blue recites rhymes while a haunting untuned string is plucked in the background thus starting the project on a somber note. The mood is lighted as the bright guitar introduces you to “Birthday”. Blue’s production shines as Brown spits of a great day. Brown’s subject matter is pretty diverse as demonstrated on tracks like “As I Wander”, “Super Villain Music”, and “Loner Daze”. On the eleventh track titled “The Audio Bio” Blue speaks on his youth and upbringing which is a track where he spills his heart on it. It also seems as if he is holding back as well. Blue helps introduce his little brother of Unkommon Kolor fame Blue the Great to rapping on the riding track “Cooler than Coach K”. They even managed to get 2dopeboyz favorite Kendrick Lamar on “Everywhere That We Go”. The album is definitely a breath of fresh air for an area that is notorious for having artists make instructional videos of their singles. The Album is free and can be downloaded at the image above or here.

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