InfoRed- Pointed at Your Temple:

InfoRed- Pointed at Your Temple

Chances are you’ve seen InfoRed around the city before. He moves with a few different collectives. He sort of a jack of all trades these days, dabbling between fashion and music mostly. InfoRed’s hustle is on display every year at Kixpo with his DeadStock sneaker head collective. But you can catch the man they call Info on more than one occasion in the DFW. His roots in the local music scene can be traced back to his first release around 2000, called “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, but it was his latest project, “Kaleidescope” released in 2008 and available on Itunes, that really solidified his spot in Dallas underground hip hop. The album was remixed by Rob Viktum and is available online for free @ the Rappers I Know site. But save a double click and get it here

InfoRed is a different sort of rapper than most others in the Dallas area. His style isn’t so much original as it is foreign to the ear. He gravitates between a high pitched aggressive flow on “What I’m Writing For”, a Black Ice produced track reminiscent of DJ Premier, and a slower, riding flow on tracks like “Off the Pages” on his myspace music page Some tracks are held back by his simple rhyme schemes and basic flow, but his best works come when he slows the flow and adds the insight he’s gained hustling in the music industry. On a song like “All for You”, InfoRed expresses heartfelt poems that only a man who is comfortable in his skin can pull off. His nasal Grand Puba like flow works wonders to the mood and blends in with the track to set a beautiful ambiance.

Follow InfoRed on his myspace and keep an ear to the underground until next year’s Kixpo Expo.

—Ryan Mega

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