Ryan Mega’s Top 100 Hip Hop and Rap Songs of 2011:

Everybody has a list. And with the blogs and internet, all these fucking lists are starting to look the same. The difference is, they have no idea what they fuck they are talking about. You can’t start listening to hip hop in 2009 and think you know who is who and what is what in 2011.

I am not saying this list is perfect, but I think its the most complete list you are gonna find on this. Muthafucka I put 100 songs in a row. While I work on some final details, I figured the list was complete enough to share. I present the Top 100 Hip Hop and Rap Songs of 2011.

100. Uzoy – Confident feat. Che Grand -
Because the voice and flow are dope. And the chemistry is similar to Jay and Foxy on “Ain’t No Nigga”, except, you know, less coke talk.

99. Jay Z and Kanye West – Primetime -
Because Hov’s verse was almost decent enough to fit a Life and Times album and Kanye’s line about soaking in a bubblebath was the silliest shit ever.

98. Kidd Kidd – Better Walk feat 50 Cent -
Because the flow is familiar but the style is all original.

97. LA the Darkman – They Keep Talking – A
philliates Street Shit. Embassy Entertainment. Need I say more?

96. Bambu – Troy Davis Freestyle -
Because you either build or destroy. Some destroy. Bambu builds.

95. Mod Sun – Tye Dye Everything feat. Schoolboy Q -
Because the beat doesn’t lack and Schoolboy Q closes like David Freese.

94. Tony Yayo – Ballin feat. French Montana -
Because Tony doesn’t need much to get stupid. With French in tow, this shit had me doing the Yayo dance for first time in years

93. Rittz – Geronimo -
Because Rittz is deep. And this shit is 12 stories deep. Get laced up. Sniff.

92. Addlib – Ups and Downs -
Because L.L. Cool J ain’t dropping shit this year and no matter what people say about Drake’s sync with women’s moods and emotions, this was the one that my ladies need to hear.

91. All Star(lito)- Felt Like Giving Up -
Because this is a trap beat. And he made it more than that. Shouts to Lil Lodi.

90. The Game – Red Nation feat. Lil Wayne -
Because this shit had me waiting on the Crip response for weeks.

89. DJ Quik – Killer Dope -
Because Quik is the Gist nigga alive. And he don’t pay for no piano players.

88. Tunk – In Da Trunk feat ADd+ -
Because this shit blends better than Kush and coffee. And some.

87. Kris Bills- City of Win feat. Sir Michael Rocks and Naledge -
Sir Michael Rocks flow was made for this beat. And even if you never been to Chicago, you can cruise to this shit. Payday music.

86. Boogz Boogetz – Supreme Flow feat. Prodigy  -
Because this shit is a club banger on the low. Definitely fucked up the speakers in my jeep.

85. E-40 – My Little Grimey Nigga feat. Stressmatic -
40 Fonzarelli talking about some shit we can all relate to. That grimey little nigga.

84. Boldy James – I Sold Dope All My Life – Because you can picture this nigga selling candy for like two weeks in kindergarten before he found out about CRACK.

83. Slim The Mobster – Who’s House feat.. Kendrick Lamar-
Because the piano intro set that shit up nice. I wonder if Dr. Dre bumps this shit around the crib.

82. Killa Kyleon – Bodies Hit the Floor feat. Bun  B -
Killa Kyleon. Bun B. Because Houston got it in on this one something major. And the video was quite viral, but you ain’t know that tho.

81. Davinci – Smoke the Night Away feat. Rae Rosero -
Because the beat and the flow was like summertime’s finest. And I was looking for the remix for weeks (no Snoop connects?)

80. Danny Brown – 30 -
Because I had to listen to this shit like 2 times to feel it and then I was a disciple. Guess its because I am knocking on 30 myself.

79. Jackie Chain – Don’t Violate feat. Gangsta Boo –
Because the flow was dope and he was on some straight 2000 MemphTown shit.

78. Maino — Let It Fly Remix Feat Roscoe Dash, Dj Khaled, Ace Hood, Meek Mill, Jim Jones & Wale -
Because radio needs radio hits. What you think all the guns is for? And Wale and Maino did tie them ends tight like a shoestrings.

77. First Class Fresh – First Class Back -
Because I could really see me and my crew making this shit and throwing up on the city when we all get together.

76. Lupe Fiasco – Lightwork fat. Ellie Goulding and Bassnectar  -
Because its so much weird shit happening, it works in a way.

75. Childish Gambino – Heartbeat -
Because the DJ gave a shout to nerds on one of the early leaks and I wanted to deny that I felt this nerd rap. But Gambino spit, so fuck it til you love it.

74. Ludacris – Rich and Flexin feat. Waka Flaka -
If Luda was a new rapper, he’d probably make the XXL Freshman class. If he was an old school rapper, we’d be bowing down. He’s not quite in his prime, but this song is from that catalog, when he was at his hottest. Enjoy! (but is Waka always tatted like a Mexican or what.)

73. Slick Rick – I Need Some Bad 
Slick Rick and DJ Premier. Wait, good Rick Ruler and dope Premier. No throwaways here.

72. OK N-Dex – Crazy Cash feat. CO2 Da Great -
On the highway…. Because Oklahoma got hits.
71. Get Busy Committee – Laura Ling -
Because this shit is just as dope as it is conscious as it sexist as it is the best example of what this group is bringing to the western market.

70. Joell Ortiz – Body Down feat. Novel  
Because Joell’s verses mixed with Novel’s voice and that guitar are enough to make you pour from your eyes. Soul by the pound.

69. Young Gifts (of F.O.C.) – Fuck The Law -
Young Gs in my book. Fear not, the streets are not out to get you. Fuck the law. Shitty attitudes over a beat thats the shit!

68. Wall Street – After The Smoke
 What did you expect to hear after those first 8 bars? Exactly. There is no telling what this spaced out beat is going. This is dope enough for that alone.

67. Kid Sister – Luuk Out Girl feat. Flosstradamus  
Work out. Footwork. Big and bad. Damn I heart Melissa. If I would have lived with my pops in high school, I am sure, I would have smashed. I need to see how much it cost to book her. Dope raps. Flyest femme in the game.

66. StepBrothers (Don Trip and All Star(lito) – Karate In the Garage Because these niggas probably smoked some chevies or they got the real good dro. I was like, “aye, are they really brothers”. Synergy on the track.
65. Maino – I’m About Cream feat. Lil Wayne
Because the clubs need something to get paid with. And this is one of them shits that get people running to the bar. DJs take heed and you might stay employed.

64. Future – Magic
Another one of them club joints, who knew future could do it so easy. Oh yeah, ATL ho.

63. Chip Tha Ripper – Me Too feat. Like of Pac Div
 Not too many “conscious” songs came out this year early. This was one of the few dope ones.

62. Daily Bread (Hassan Mackey and Apollo Brown) – Tell Me - 
Detroit got them soul records lying around in the ghetto and thrift stores I bet. This shit sound like what Mobb Deep should’ve sounded like when they was going through that transition period. Dope.

61. ADd+ – Under feat. Dustin Cavazos
Best Video of the year. Dustin leads out with the lisp you love to hate. And ADd+ prove why they are this year’s hip hop darlings.

60. Wale – Bait -
BAIT BAIT BAIT BAIT. Because Bait is the new slang. Dig it.

59. French Montana – Choppa Down feat. Waka Flaka
 French and Waka going dumb. French make them hits here and there now huh.

58. Cappadonna – Can’t Believe It’s Him -
Just a dope as song. Straight mixtape action. Gotta put it on there twice tho.

57. Shye – Say Hello feat. King Louie, Big Homie D.O.E., Rockie Fresh & Shorty-K 
Because it doesn’t need to be complete to be worth it. Did King Louie make a nigga rewind this shit 10 times. Gotdam!

56. G-Side – Came Up feat. Slash - 
Because two black guys walk into a bar with a violin. And then….

55. Young Jeezy – I Do (RMX) feat. Andre 3000 and Jay Z
Names alone made it a hit. The actual verses made it a standout. The funny shit that happen when Dre decides he wants to rap. Why does he only rap about love songs? I Do. Marriage. I guess. Play it again, Sam.

54. Wale – Chain Music feat. Rick Ross 
Because the world don’t care about nothing but shine, so fuck it, get your shine on.

53. Wale – Tats All on My Arm feat. Rick Ross
 Back to back Wale. Do you know how hard it was to pick this one over Chain Music. Two totally different songs about the same nothingness. But Ross killed it with the Wale twist on his chorus parts. The Wale kid think he be on it and he might be right.

52. King Louie – Too Cool 
This is like some of that early Jay Z shit that niggas was bumping while they was sipping champagne and counting money in the early mornings after hours when nightclubs closed in cities far away from the place they left their loves for the love of money, while they got a naked bitch rolling up.

51. Ludacris – I’m On Fire feat. Big Krit
 Ludacris doesn’t suck. Big Krit is still an MVP candidate for the year. This is one of the reasons why.

50. Lloyd Banks – Make It Stack feat. ASAP Rocky
 I am a Banks fan and after Start It Up, I was looking for that next club banger type shit. I thought he was gonna do three in a row and then he went on another route with this one. Gone head switch the style up. Dope.

49. Schooboy Q – Druggies with Hoes feat. Ab Soul
 That beat is sick as shit. But this is that shit that I need to play while I’m fucking around at the crib. Big booty bitches love it tho.

48. Trouble – Bussin
 I hated that I liked this song so much. But then next you thing you know, I’m bussin for Trouble.

47. Killer Mike – Ric Flair
 Ric Flair on the intor. With a baby woo! It don’t take much to get me going, but then Mike hit that shit with the organ or whatever that fucking thing is. Mike is the king of ATL right now. Respect that camp.

46. Skizzy Mars – Tara
Gwen Stefani on a rap beat and she finally doesn’t ruin it :) On the real, check Skizzy and keep an eye out..This is one of his more straight shooter records, but it worked so well. Damn good.

45. Lil Wayne – She Will feat. Drake -
I hate this song. But I can’t deny the dopeness.

44. Nikki Minaj – Superbass -
I hate this song. But I can’t deny the dopeness. 

43. Future – Tony Montana –
I hate this song. But I can’t deny the dopeness.

42. Pete Rock – Roses feat. Smif N Wessun and Freeway -  
 Allah, Allah, Allah. All praises due. Philly to BK. I dug it.

41. Shabazz Palaces – Swerve…
 If you move on em… I missed the show this year at Granada. Fuck a Watch The Throne tour. My year was downhill ever since.

40. Blackstar – You Already Know -  
 It didn’t have to be a tribute to Aretha to be great. In tribute, this song does justice.

39. Asaad – Dirty Black Leathers -
 Dope shit. Who the fuck is Asaad and why hasn’t he emailed me more music (onerevolutionent@gmail.com. Thanks in advance).

38. Raekwon – Molasses feat. Ghostface Killah and Rick Ross -
It kind of works a little too well. Dare I say I want to see this combo again.

37. Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci - 
The song is dope. If I didn’t know she was a white girl with a bad sense of race relations, I would have bumped it more, I admit this.

36. Big Sean – Ass
 Hammertime? When pizza’s in a bagel you get hammer any time. Now make that muthafucking booty drop? (or is pop? hot?)

35. Killer Mike – Burn
 Did Killer Mike just break down racism like 4:50? I think so. I will burn this mutha-fucka-down.

34. Currensy – She Don’t Want A Man
 Jezebel style Outkast shit. If a nigga sound anywhere like Kast, you already got me open and then Spitta dropped it for them real niggarettes who be on they own shit so bad they just got a fuck buddy or two to keep them straight,

33. Currensy – Scottie Pippen feat. Freddie Gibbs
“You bring your dro and I’ll bring mine” is probably how the phone call before the studio ended. The ode to Scottie Pippen is the perfect metaphor to the assist job. Both rappers compliment each other so well, you’d think they had a whole album of these ready to go.

32. Rittz – Rattle Back
The next cracka rapper you need to be aware of, Rittz, is on the map, officially. This was the dopest shit from the joint he dropped this year.

31. 2 Chainz – Spend It
My nigga told me to stop hating on Tity Boi and open my ears up. And I dig it. My girl ain’t got no stomach.

30. Maino – Hand of God
 When art imitates life we are all blessed the more. This is one of those joints you probably won’t appreciate unless you a Maino fan and get the relevance. I guess they was right about him.

29. Bad Azz – Sweet Pack of Lies
 This could probably be a top 10 song if it would have come out a few years back. Just the same its still the best of the Nate Dogg joints to come out since he passed.

28. StepBrothers (Don Trip and All Star(lito) – 4th Song
So I have to say that no rappers have come as far in one year. These two probably are gonna own 2012. Me and my Bbro bumped this shit and burned like 40 sacs before I gave the CD away. I was spending too much money on the weed. HE’S A ZOMBIE!

27. Will – Almost Famous -
My favorite new artist this year letting you know its some new hip hop cats in ATL still. Plus the shit is a dope example of what you gonna get from the whole Thumbs Up label.

26. Davinci – Beer Bitches and Bullshit
 Posse cuts are no longer a dime a dozen. Party songs are no longer a commodity. This is the first song you should play when the crew is getting ready to get it going. Roll up.

25. J.Cole – Workout
I was always rooting for the kid with the race issues, and then Jay dropped him and I was like damn, its gonna be hard to find a J. Cole mixtape. Then he dropped this, and I was like, what the fuck is wrong with Jay. I guess J. Cole fucked Rhianna or something that was off limits because the rest of the album was worth it.

24.  K-os – Faith feat. Drake – Because the blues guitar licks and the flows bite at ya. Go ahead and let your neck nutate. You know you wanna.
23. Jay Z and Kanye West – Otis
I invented swag. I was on that shit long before Jay. Swingers the movie put me on it. #justsaying

22. Big Krit – Money on the Floor feat. 8ball MJG and 2Chainz
 Big Krit and the gang. Pimp C would be proud and if I were from MS, I would be shining right now. This guy in a zone.

21. Gunplay – Rollin feat. Waka Flaka
 I have no idea who this person was. And my nigga was like I think that’s Ross boy. I was like, that nigga spit wild. And when you scream like that, I gotta believe you.

20. Drake – Marvin’s Room 
 I’m just saying I hate this song still. But I can’t deny its dominance. What the fuck is a Drake. Is he no longer a rapper? Did he rap on this song. I can’t remember. I feel so smooth when I hear it, I slip away into thoughts about courvosier. I guess I admit I haven’t listed to it completely once. It is my new “Whip My Hair.”

19. Nas – Nasty

 Nas. Nasty if you wanna. If this list was more opinion and less fact, this would be top 10, but this goes up with the best of Nas since Illmatic, so it definitely gets the proper positioning here at 19.

18. Waka Flaka – Round of Applause
 I hated Waka Flaka until I heard this one. Not so bad when he don’t scream. And it’s no surprise he got critical acclaim for this joint. I was hoping they would hate it so I could love it in secret. I wonder if them hoes stripping to it though.

17. Yelawolf – Hard White feat. Lil Jon
The first verse and the return of Lil Jon. And even Yelawolf knew it. I wonder how long he been sitting on that stanza. Way to bring it out in 2011.

16. Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb feat. Miguel
Collabing with RandB singers was once guaranteed, but things have changed. Because this song does the crossover genre much justice, it gets the nod. Ask your girl what she liked this year. I bet she slide this in there too.

15. ASAP Rocky – Peso
So the little nigga rocking the Versace’s in the video made this song? Yeah right. Its like he took Wiz flow and ran with it. Touchdown.

14. Lil Wayne – John feat. Rick Ross
 Dopest beat this year? Almost. Dopest Lil Wayne and Ross collabo this year? Almost. Because it was the right song at the right time for both of them, it gets a nod.

13. Meek Mill – House Party feat. Young Chris Fuck a girl with the water running. Speaking on experience I see. Great minds think alike.

12. Pac Div – Antifreeze
Because whoever got this beat going was on it. And then them boys did they Pac Div shit all on it. Best trio? I think so.

11. The Roots – Tip the Scale
 Because the song itself is genius. And then you find out there’s more.

10. Tyler the Creator – Yonkers
 Dark goblin Wu-Tang esque. If I was 16 and I heard this, I would probably vow to that OFWEFSD shit and rob my high school. The whole high school. I mean student body, desks, and cafeteria trays. Beware of any young niggas bumping this shit. They screwloose.

9. Kendrick Lamar – Rigormortis
Drummers in the street. Its kind of hard to figure Kendrick. Not really, but you can’t pigeon hole him. Try to catch his flow if you think you can. Now where your favorite rapper? He dead. And the sun is under my feet.

8. Kids These Days – Clear Eyes
Because  I think their oldest member is like 17. And they are not on some swag shit. And they made my top 10 and I am not on crack.

7. ADd+ – Insomniac Dreaming -
If one song was my favorite of the year, then it was this one. With the Outkast odes throughout, I couldn’t resist rolling another one and putting my ADd+ mix on repeat.

6. Lil Wayne – 6 foot 7 feat. Cory Gunz -  If Weezy was the greatest rapper alive, that would make this the greatest verse of the year. Fair argument.

5. Big Krit – Dreaming  Because the sample along was chopped right. Then Krit came real like always. This time he hit it on the head.

4. DJ Khaled – I’m On One – Because the low-fi, no bass sound effect is what next year is all about. Thanks Drake.

3. Chris Brown – Look At Me Now (RMX) feat. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes – Because I did a remix to this beat and killed it, just like everybody else this year.

2. Jay Z and Kanye West – Niggas in Paris - Because you don’t need to hear this shit 5 times straight to know that this is the perfect compliment to “All About the Benjamins Remix” at Midnight. Not just tonight, but every night.

1. Kendrick Lamar – ADHD – Because there hasn’t been a rapper since Canibus that made me rewind to understand what they are saying. With this one joint Kendrick is showing why he will be the Rakim of the next generation. Oh, and the beat was dope.

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