Sore Losers – Pretty Effin Dope:

Sore Loser- Pretty Effin Dope

The word hipster has been a growing term in the hip hop community. It is used to describe the burgeoning trend of new artists that are not conforming to the dance song/trap song frenzy in the mainstream. When the word hipter is said in regards of Hip Hop acts like The Cool Kids, Mickey Factz, and even Kid Cudi. The term is not exactly something to be happy about but its society’s way of categorizing things.

Enter the Sore Losers Brown and Blue. The duo would be pushed into that category but they seem more evolved. They do use the old format of produce and emcee. Brown provides the lyrics and Blue bangs out the beats. The beauty of the Losers is the chemistry is seen through the music. Blue’s use of synths and claps along with Brown’s vocals, flow, and breath control make every track a joyride. On cuts like “Bizarre Celebrations” Blue speaks through the beat while Brown speak of a wild extravaganza and a night with the opposite sex. Things like this make their upcoming project “Freeloaders” an event to look for. The free “Freeloaders” album will be for free download on their myspace here. Expect something special from the Sore Losers and One Revolution pretty soon.

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