Wreckamic – Grizzly Bear Adams Reviewed By Ryan Mega:

Wreckamic – Grizzly Bear Adams Reviewed By Ryan Mega


Da Hitman Presents: Wreckamic is Grizzly Bear Adams

Track 1. On My Grizzly – The first cut should be the deepest. Wreckamic brings it right from the drop.  “Flow is heaven sent”, describes the track riding to a tee.  The stabbing chords from the melody carry the flow perfectly. 

Track 2. The Anthem – Da Hitman’s cuts and blends intro the track well.  Wreck steps up the battle lines from the get go.  Some good lines in there about Steve Austin and Steve aka Wreckamic’s awesomeness.

Track 3. Scream Atcha Man – I was told that this track was made back in 2006. Makes sense because that was the ‘Holla at your boy” days, but the mastering and remix done makes it sound current.  DJ’s need to put this in club rotation asap.

Track 4. Tha Loot – Over a Biggie sample from “Gimme the Loot”, Wreckamic runs at the scared people in the game.  From the streets to the label, hes going at the lames and dropping some valid opinions on the game. “Smooth as a jellybean, fire as a fire cracker/ the flyest rapper, it don’t matter whether I’m a cracker / or not.” Wreckamic is a problem.

Track 5. Money – “Roaches all up in my place, but I don’t have no groceries”. Poignant lyrics over a classic Marvin Gaye Sample.  If I wasn’t at the library right now stealing Wifi, I’d light one for the mood of this song.  Wreck’s versatility is on stage.

 Track 6. Girlz – Wreckamic’s gets his Electric Relaxation on as he runs down how he likes them.  Wreckamic’s version is actually more in the vein of Jay Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” as he runs down the many different styles, shapes, and personalities of the girls he likes to get with.  Before the song ends, he describes at least 40 different types.  Wreck if you’re reading this, please pack some condoms.

Track 7. Hip Hop XXL – reminds me of Guru or Jeru the Damaja going in on the game just to remind you that they are different.  Wreck is not an average rapper.  He is not going to win you over with a dance hit.  He is going to bring you hip hop on a higher level.  The beat is from another era, and that may be the tracks biggest detraction, but considering this mixtape as a collection of B-Sides and Bootlegs, it fits in good with the overall theme.

Track 8. Precious Moments – This is that Ghostface “All That I got is You” shit right here.  From the sped up soul sample to the imagery that Wreck details in his verses, the track begs the listener to dig into themselves.  Two minutes and forty eight seconds of ear therapy.  This is a Wreckamic classic. Add this track to the greatest hits.

Track 9. Morning Coffee – By now the CD is so mellow that I really need to get the fuck out of this library and go blow one.  The track is laid back like the best of 9th Wonder.  Wreck hits it lyrically with the chorus on “Morning Coffee” as a metaphor for his flow.  Wake your Ass up!

Track 10. I See You – This is on some Nas, Slick Rick, Biggie shit.  He does the split personality thing as he raps the conflict of being Steve Mullen vs. Wreckamic.  The track is dope.  Sounds like a throwaway from the American Gangster Movie Soundtrack.

Track 11. Underdog – I’m not an emcee, but if I was, I’d turn this track after 20 seconds.  He is embarrassing mofos on this track.  Wreck kills it and it sounds almost as if he is barely trying.  Game shut down.

Track 12. Like This or Like That – Another club banger. Put this in rotation asap.  Texas needs to get at Wreckamic for the remix for this one.  I put my money on this being a big joint this spring and early summer.

Track 13. Make it Happen – Get the Goose. Girls bout to get loose.  I listened to this song with half an ear, but its a good little twist up for the girls.  While there are other sentimental tracks, and Girls is about girls, Make It Happen, is the closest Wreck gets to getting his L.L Cool J on.

Track 14. Another Story – This mixtape is so fluid in its transitions and blends. A big shout to Da Hitman for the remarkable job he did in sequencing the tracks.  The track itself is an introverted joint where Wreck gets personal with the people , detailing the issues he’s had with women and the growth that these relationships have sparked.

Track 15 I Know I Am – Featuring Bobby Creekwater is the anointing track on the mix.  Bobby has been getting his buzz up in the underground for the last year.  Wreckamic holds his own with one of Slim Shady’s only signees.  His verse kills it.  Which begs the question – when will Wreck get his shine?  Lyrically he is in a zone all his one.

This collection of music was made over a year ago if not longer.  Da Hitman spiced it up a bit with the mixes and cuts, but the lyrics have been in the archives for a second.  So I ask you DFW hip hoppers, If Wreck was writing this sick and prolific on this collection of old joints, just where do you expect him to go when he drops the new God of Flow.  Step your lyrics up. You have been warned.

—– Ryan Mega

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