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The creative spirit goes anywhere the wind takes it. I fathom art history begins when hunting and gathering civilizations give way to the first farming cults, and mankind adds leisure time to relax and reflex. That's why the first art, cave art, depicts the hunt. they didn't do much. ink and stick figures. says it all really. the subjects were about the same. man kill wildebeest. or wildebeest kill man. by the dawn of hieroglyphics, mankind turned cults and clans into massive cities and the art made of rock, gold, and gemstones, showed images of slave labor and agriculture. Art is always the expression of the people's experience. Now we have usernames to look at hyper edited photos of polished celebrities with fake butts.We document our days via status updates instead of harvests. We have so much luxury time we live through art and leisure activities. Is the creative spirit dead when life imitates art imitating art?No. The wind is only still.

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Henri Rousseau’s Heartening Story of Success after a Lifetime of Rejection, Illustrated

“People working in the arts engage in street combat with The Fraud Police on a daily basis,”Amanda Palmer wrote in her fantastic manifesto for the creative life, one of the best books of the year“because much of our work is new and not readily or conventionally categorized.”Few artists in history have lived through this street combat with more dignity and resilience of spirit than French Post-Impressionist painter Henri Rousseau (May 21, 1844–September 2, 1910). Long before history came to celebrate him as one of the greatest artists of his era, long before he was honored by major retrospectives by such iconic institutions as the MoMA and the Tate Museum, long before Sylvia Plath -- click title to read more

Rhodotus Palmatus