What Did You Expect From Thunderlips?

Any guy who walks around calling himself the ultimate male can say nigger anytime he wants in my opinion. But I can understand why some people would get upset. He is supposed to be a role model. For nearly 3 decades, he's been put on a pedestal and worshiped in homes across America, tying the rural and the urban by the common thread of HulkaMania (or is it Hulk Mania). But before you go and burn your Hulk Hogan dolls and thumb wrestlers, ask yourself, haven't you said something bad at least once in your life? I mean, if we can' t forgive 300 pound warriors like the hulk, then who can we forgive (maybe 300 pound Paula Deen. Its been long enough).

Terry  Gene ''Hulk Hogan" Bollea was born in Augusta, Georgia in 1953. His family moved to Florida when he was a kid. Though he acknowledges Panamanian blood in his veins, he hates it like Hitler hated his Jewish kin. What do you expect from a guy from  1950's Georgia who grew up in 1960's Florida? It's amazing he ever touched a black wrestler with his godly hands.  But he did. And because of his blessing, negroes like Tiny Zeus Lester and Virgil and even Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman and Kevin Eubanks are able to put food on their tables and money in their mistress's banks accounts. Yep. That Kevin Eubanks.  Most importantly, he brought in the black flag of all wrestling heels, Hollywood Hulk and the nWo. Without them, there is no Generation X. There is no Nation of Domination without Hogan. That means no Rock. That means no Scorpion King movie. For that alone, let Hogan say nigger. If Virgil ain't mad, I ain't mad either.

The mutherfucka won two consecutive Royal Rumbles, brother. He's gone up against Andre the Giant and Macho Man. Lex Luger and The Ultimate Warrior. Razor Ramon. Sting. The Rock. They all had to go through Hogan. And sure, he likes to use bad language on recording, but these days, who doesn't. This sounds like some twisted ploy from Vince McMahon to promote some event. I know it. Never forget. If anyone is racist, its Vince. Did you forget about the Deepest Darkest African Akeem already muthafucker. That's racist. If this is WWE Vs. Hogan, I'm definitely going with Hogan.

One Man Gang becomes Akeem by Wrestlegameshow

I know alot of you are going to call me a sellout, but this one is deeper than race. Its about wrestling, brother. And there is nothing that makes us all as dumb as hicks on moonshine like the WWE so we shouldn't get mad that one of its stars let us down. To his critics, fuck off. You are just mad you can't fuck his daughter. To Hogan, you're still my idol. Keep on grinding, brother!

--- Ryan Mega (stopped watching wrestling when the Bulls started winning. What the fuck I care about Hogan or his endorsements.)