When Rap Beef Matters

I have never been a fan of Drake. And I have to say that first, so you know where I am coming from, because just last week, I was listening to Meek, considering buying the album and pondering him as one of the current artists I would pay to see (no and no). Meek is cool, but I'm not there yet. Not sure if he's for me. On the other hand, Drake has a great thing that he put together, but I never really felt it was for me. I first heard him on "Going In" with Lil Wayne and thought Drake's verse the best, but didn't really get into much more from him. I understood the magnanimity of the first mixtape. I don't remember, but back then, I was listening to Ghostface solo albums probably. I dated a girl who just found out about rap and unfortunately, found it through Drake, so I suffered through every song he made that summer, as she listened, emboldening her street cred with every verse. I also thought the Nicki Minaj dance was corny, but mostly because I think they are both kind of cornball.

I have never been a fan of Meek. I always thought his screamy ass flow was a bit too down south and rambling to be any good. I have to say that, so you know where I'm coming from, because just yesterday, I was listening to Drake, considering his album and pondering him as the current version of Milli Vanilli. How many rap lists have him in their top 10? or worse yet, in their top 5? Lets see if anyone ranked him #1?

(#1- http://www.complex.com/music/2014/06/best-young-rappers-2014/kendrick-lamar)
(#30 of all time- http://www.hiphopmyway.com/hip-hop-hall-of-fame-the-30-greatest-rappers-of-all-time/)
(#9/10 all time- #http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/campus/here-are-the-10-best-rappers-in-the-world-right-now/2/)

Why does it matter? Well if Milli Vanilli didn't sing their songs, are they really singers? If Drake doesn't write, is he an emcee or a lyricist? Or is he Will Smith? Nothing against the God from Philly, but he wasn't exactly the king of hip hop and street culture when he was doing his thing at the turn of the millennium. It definitely isn't Drake's fault for getting this money any way possible. He's just a poor kid from the T.dot, trying to make a dollar turn to 15 cents at the strip club. But it is your fault if you don't adjust your specs here. You aren't my sheltered ex girlfriend; you are the exposed and forbidden, the innocent and forgotten. You need to rap shit to check your steps in life. I know, they say the music can't take control, but it can be your guide. You might be missing out on authentic rappers with narratives to match the true reality of living day to day in impoverished communities. This is probably why I never liked Drake. I'm just too hood to get into that fancy bitch shit and basically, that's what he is rapping for/about, women of the night with shopping problems right?  HoustonLantaVegas? That's where boppers be. At least Ross brought it down to ghetto terms with some drug wordplay. I'm joking, but the truth is the truth, there are still idiots wasting thousands of dollars on drugs and snitching on their investors with conspiracy charges, and it's connecting that truth that made Rick Ross a factor.  BMF, Big Meech and all that.  It's that truth that makes an artist like Common inspect a nigga like Drake and have the nerve to take aim with disrespect. Before it was entertainment, it was real rap and real game, advice you could use from someone you could trust. It's been a long time since rap was nutritional but its about that. What are you putting in your body? Most people, even kids as young as 13 and 14 who love rap, have some kind of weird diet or eating habit these days. Even if its nothing but Faygo. What you put in your brain matters just as much if not more. You have to ask yourself why? Why would you except anything less than the real? Biggie didn't have a ghostwriter. Neither did Pac. Eazy E did. If Drake is compared to any rapper, it needs to be Eazy and the Fresh Prince and Vanilla Ice. The industry was hijacked a long time ago by commercial media interests and Hollywood guys,and the Lyors and what not. When you hear someone like Dame Dash screaming independent and you hear someone like Nipsey Hussle, authentically hustling as an independent rapper (allegedly, with an independent pen even), from that juxtaposition, you see the differences in the ingredients.  He's feeding you that fake shit that will kill you to signal to the culture vultures where the bread at. Then you run off and buy a Louis bag for a stripper because Drake said so, but really he didn't write that. Some nigga in the SWATs who baby mama work at 112 wrote that and now, you feeling yourself because you living like him. I guess this is what it feels like to wake up after you been raped on Quaalude. That's.That's why this shit matters.

(ed. note. - none of this shit matters. )