Ryan Mega is a social engineer of the finest caliber. - Steve Jobs

As a trendsetter and marketer of street culture, he has the uncanny ability of living on the cusp of freshness and doesn't shy from using this edge to help his friends in need. - Al Capone

From nightclub promotions to mixtape hosting, he goes wherever he is needed to do whatever needs to be done. - Tupac Shakur

He is the consummate team player. - Michael Jordan

Ryan Mega
Born in Chicago, circa 1982
moved to Tulsa, circa 1995
moved to Nashville, circa 2001
moved to Dallas, circa 2008
moved the crowd ever since the day I was born.

Master the money like you mastered your manhood.  Handle your women like you handle the world. Balance the fantasies of masculinity with the reality of marriage and monogamy. Don't forget to indulge. Be a gangster and a gentlemen.

So you think you made it? This is America baby. You ain't made it til you bottomed out and rose back up again. As soon as you get it, they gonna wanna take it. And you already know it ain't nothing you can do about it. Spend now, save later. Tomorrow isn't promised. Tonight we toast to the gods. That's right, get down. Cope. Dope. Jack Daniels on the rocks.

You went from honor roll to top of your legal class. Soon they might be calling you your honor. Before you go Uncle Phil on em, you gotta rep for them. Let em know where you from. Go back to that elementary school where the halls were just as crowded as the classrooms because it wasn't nobody learning. Go back to that house with no heat, running to the oven to stay warm. Tell em how to go from a baller in training to a baller on a budget. It won't be long before you big balling.
I know you thinking the game was better sold, but this one's on the house.

What would you rather have? Love, Peace, and Happiness or Sex, Drugs, and Money?

Think wisely.

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That about does it.

Ryan Mega